Tenerife Nightlife: An Insider View

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Published: 06th December 2010
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Tenerife is an one of Europe's busiest tourist destinations, with some 5 million tourists visiting every year. Because a night or two painting the town red is part and parcel of most visitor's holidays, nightlife in Tenerife is bustling and varied. When the sun sets, Tenerife nightlife doesn't stop until it rises again.

Staying up late is quite common for nearly all people on holiday and few head back to their beds straight after supper. A lot of visitors will have saved up for months allowing them to blow out on their holidays. With pockets full of money, they set forth into the dazzling lights and sounds of Tenerife's nightlife.

The major areas to experience the island's nightlife are Playa de Las Americas and Cristianos. These resorts are home to most of Tenerife's tourist accomodation. As evening falls, masses of party goers cascade out of their hotels into the welcoming Tenerife night.

Unsurprisingly, there is an enormous array of different bars and nightclubs in Playa de las Americas to suit all tastes. Almost every nationality has its bars, where holidaymakers can catch up with the news and sports from back home. Because we are in Spain, of course most bars are Spanish, but there are a surprising quantity of British bars in the holiday areas.

Increasingly common is the new wave of chic and classy bars appealing to the five star holidaymakers that have become more numerous. Nearly all of these bars do not start getting busy until eleven in the evening or even midnight. At the weekends, these are favorites with local revellers as well as holidaymakers. Some of the most famous are Magic, Vivo, El Faro and B.U.D.A.

At the other end of the market, cheap drinks and karaoke are abundant. Magicians, hypnotists, quizzes and musicians are more than common in the bars of Tenerife. Many of these bars welcome children if it is not too late.

when there is an high profile soccer event, sports bars and fun pubs such as Linekers are chockablock. These bars are frequently noisy with DJs and drinking competitions to get the crowd excited. If you are planning a stag or hen night, then they will be on your checklist.

Tenerife's nightclubs do not start filling up until two in the morning or 3am . In all probability the most known is Tramps, which tends to be popular with the youngest end of the Tenerife nightlife scene. Tramps is positioned in the Veronicas / Starco area which which has several other nocturnal clubs. Newest and more fashionable nightclubs and bars have positioned away from this area which was the long-established heart of Tenerife's nightlife, but now have become a little jaded and shabby.

At the high end of Tenerife nightlife is TIBU, where top sportsmen, Russian playboys and glamour models mingle. Its a magnificent club with private VIP areas. Waiters weave through the crowd with huge bottles of Belvedere and bottles of Cristal festooned with fireworks, destined for some exclusive niche of the club. If a VIP bottle is more than you can manage, then a drink from the bar and a bit of celebrity spotting with your clubbing is bound to be a fantastic night out.

At about 6 in the morning, the clubs start closing just as the cafes are opening up. Strong coffee and maybe a full breakfast should set you up well for a day asleep on the beach and preparing for one more night out in Tenerife.

For further adviceabout Tenerife nightlife, events calendar, the Tenerife Nightlife Blog and online booking you can visit the TIBU Tenerife nightlife site.

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